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Syarifah Alyaa Izzati is the name.17 years younger. wakakaka.:P I'm oVER with schools. WORKING at MPH Parade now since my hols gonna be bored. Kerja Untuk DUIT & pengalaman. hehehe.:P


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Friday, July 4, 2008
Naughty To Naughtiest!

i do realise that currently i've change alot la. became more naughty each day came by. is this one of the friends influence or what?? okey how bout i flash back when i was in form 1, first year of middle school. i was..errmm..what do i say? decend?? to polite?(heh) quite ah. and in proper word...i was soo~ DAMN Naive about the everything on that year. think back... kids nowadays like standard 2 student know what's the word COUPLE means. but me? i just know what's the meaning of couple when i was end of the year of form 1 when i saw, Ezreena, Aainaa, Fazli, ida always said about couple. so from there i know. so how Naive i am on that time?? tsk Tsk.XP

okey, form 2, i became more friendly but not too much. im stick to the low profile image.(since ida doesnt like my attitude in form 1, so i hve to watch my behaviour). first time i started to came late to school every friday afternoon. went to aisya's house(my mom's doesnt let me though, but rules are meant to be broken:P) with Syakila, Siti Aisyah, Maizatul,Aimi and Leia Natasha. there's one time we get caught by Puan Loh(Disiplin teacher) when we're trying to sneak from block D to Block A where our classes are. but Syakila and Aimi are safe of course. they ran up first. but i manage to lied to Puan Loh that we stuck at traffic jam. And she believe us. in fact, she could not do anything because we have our papers to do. she could not gave us a punishment. hahahahhahaha. Our Good Luck time. hahah.:PP

Form 3? emm...stay not being so notty. just a few times skip classes but that's because there's no teachers are in. and i so good in argueing with the boys with Syarizan,Wayn Sern, Ding Yong. im so damn talkative that time. but sometimes i can be so quiet if someone talk something that's not involve me in(also learn it from ida's kes. haha) and on that year, my mom gave me a lil freedom, she gave us to went out with our girlfriends as soon as the PMR are over. okey. i confess from that onwards i became a bit independent on walking alone. and on this year, i've start having a boyfriend but its not the love feeling makes me to accept him. just trying to help him. we've made a deal la.:P silly us!

Form 4, ahah. this year. the bestest form i've ever had!! before, i wasnt close with any of the seniors like the boys! the only boys that i always arguieng is from my age. never talk to the boys older than me(kalau ada yg senior pn cuma Shazill. itupn x igt macamana leh bercakap ngan dia.huhu). but i dont know how i can start talking to them. i think its when Aisya's like Azrul or more to be called Achoi now. then i start to know Syawal, Eqbal,Hazwan Hafiz, Syafiq Syazwan, Emir, Nizar, bebear, Idham,Hasrul, Hafiz and others.(Anuar ngan Izzul dah kenal lama dah.) we started to talk at the library on febuary. then we became closer after the Kawad Daerah and Penang Trip. Kawad Daerah is because i was incharge of Kadet Udara's Formation. and damn it was so FUN! i cant forget all the things we do. huhuhu. and i getting to know my bf on this year too. not the old bf la. hahaha. suppose we've met before since primary school. but too bad i doesnt even rmmber him. but i can rmmber he as a head assembly. because i think i saw him on the back of the line just standing around. he's the smallest of all the prefect what do u aspect? i thought his age are younger than me. LOL. sorry dear. hahaha.. but luckily i met you.;) okey. this year, i've started to skip classes frequently. hahahaha. so bosan kot. lebih2 lagi addmath class. but not always la. hehehheeh. kdg2 slalu skip klass atas dasar2 tertentu. but the wierd thing is, we've never get caught by the teachers. maybe because we have that innocent look i say? hahahahahhahahaha.:P

Form 5, okey this year. i am being terribly quite a naughty girl la. dah la spm. the worse now. we have been 2 times make our own recesss time. evrytime the bell rang, we will still be sitting in the canteen table, eating or drinking Ice Kacang. hahahahha. siot je perangai. i think we've have done it many times, but that time we had our kawad. so teachers dont bother much, they must thought we're from afternoon section. but after kawad we've done the same thing too. 2 times i think. the last time we did is on wednesday(2/7/08) hahahah. actually, me and nad have to stay back in kaunseling room for PRS meeting on recess time. so we take the reason to have our own recess time larh. but the funniest part is. the teachers who saw us eating ice kacang just pass by and smile at us. paling best, Encik Hamran. he can still make jokes of us eventhough he knew that we're trying to skip class. but me, nik aisyah and Nadhira are not alone, 10 minutes later, Khairul Akmal, Mior appear. and they join us eating nasi lemak and nasi goreng. they're skip their lesson with the discipline teacher, Pendidikan Seni Visual. for Khairul Akmal, he drop the subject thats why he doesnt mind much. lolx.;P when we went back to our class, Puan Satveer doesnt even asked us where we've been. she just busy reading something. somehow the class are quite at that time. what do u suspect? Puan Satveer asked us to do essay about komanwel? hahaha. eventhough i skip one period of sejarah, i still finish up the homework. hahahaha.;PP there's lot more of naughty things i've made. but hard to recall back. too much memory larh.;P