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Syarifah Alyaa Izzati is the name.17 years younger. wakakaka.:P I'm oVER with schools. WORKING at MPH Parade now since my hols gonna be bored. Kerja Untuk DUIT & pengalaman. hehehe.:P


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Friday, May 30, 2008
i'm addicted to something. waduhhh! bila la ku akan mencapai impian ku ini??
aku x cukup disiplin ke? or i hve broke my displin since i was form 3(hbis PMR lar) huhuhuhu...
camne kak diana boleh buat aku x boleh buat??
how? how? how??
i've try evrythg, but i'm not consistent on doing it. cpt putus asa? yep. itulah jawapan yg di Cari!!

targetku skrg. from now. i mean starting this jun. i will count.(alang2 dia xde kan? sng skit. hehehe) i want to fulfill my resolution before 2008 is over! wake up alyaa! Just Do iT! Dont be Shy larh!

tapi x boleh ah. rasa skrg mcm payah semamcam je nk wat. cuba2 pn still maintain the same. adehh..:( how can i be like kak Diana's .....! i admire her. i became more addicted after she came for a holiday here! seriously! Target myself i want to be just like her!