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Syarifah Alyaa Izzati is the name.17 years younger. wakakaka.:P I'm oVER with schools. WORKING at MPH Parade now since my hols gonna be bored. Kerja Untuk DUIT & pengalaman. hehehe.:P


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Friday, August 29, 2008

290908- hari bersejarah buat pesara pengawas(dh tua dh mereka)wakakakka.:P satu dinner pengawas diadakan khas buat the old prefect board. at holiday villa hotel. and at the same time or day, i met inoi at the remote control park. he wanted to gave us present. at first he 'sesat' (ish3.kecian.pdn muka!) i can see him from rumah athirah, melelong dgn motor kesygnnya tanpa helmet(cish!) i tot he saw us but he didnt. he called me 2 times but i kept my fon busy. muahaha. then i send him a mesage. funny message. until then he saw us. hahaha. so we lepak2 from 5:20-6:15. crap! we're late to get ready to the dinner.
i tot lid would be mad because we came home late. but suprisingly he doesnt. so we're rushing to get ready when the time show at 6:30! aiyoyooo.mandi pun idak lagi:( but we manage to ready before 7 and before Hikari(our new driver) and suhaib came.. i wore like waitress until ira and Iskandar jokingly asked me to refill his/her water. perghh! wat sendirilah! :P

kami duduk di meja sblh kanan pentas. ahaha. gile best. sbb ada sofa kot. ahahaha. but x bestnya kerusiku basah disbbkan tepisan air firdaus. aiyaaa.. hahaha.xpe2.asalkan boleh duduks.:)) no wonder la Fir kept saying sorry to me. LOL. First we've been entertained by Leonard and Puan Rohaidah's speech. Leonard speech is quite funny. the good thing Pengetua doesnt have to do her speech. thank god! lapar kot.hehehe.:P then its eating time!! siti aisyah,dinesh,fahmi,natasya,aimi,aisya,azleen,chee hui & Firdaus went to take the food first left me and fazli to took good care of their camera's and handbag. so i chit chat with fazli about something2 yg buat dada dia berdebar. hhahahha. kronik dh mamat nie. teringat time aku ngan emir thn lps. the same thing. hehehe.;P

when aimi,siti,natasya,chee hui & firdaus came back. then its our turn to serve ourself. hehhehe. woaa! Long queue! kalah kantin sekolah pnye queue(kat skolah xde barisan pn,main rempuh je) muahaha. so me and fazli wait sambil chit chat again. then leonard came out with a plate full of food. i say something like "apakata Aku amik pinggan ko.ko pergi beratur balik," hehehe. siod pnye ayat. then leonard didnt say a word but put his hand to his lips(like kiss his tapak tangan) then put the hand on my face. i say what the??? woaa..itu dh kira kiss pipi kot! cishh.the indians saw what leonard did but fazli doesnt. haih.siod je.

the first round we ate, kambing masak kicap, sayur sawi masak masam manis. ayam masak apa tah. agak sedap ah tapi pedas. i told firdaus about the soup. so half of the table went to take the soup. me the last person to came into the line. me potong line beratur belakang azleen. muahahaha. jahat je. tp agak pelik ah nk amik soup je pn dh kena beratur pnjg2. so i asked one of the form3 girls to take it for me. she's kindly do that for me. wahhh..gile terharu. ahaks.;P so me the first person to get the soup then barulah azleen ikut. hehehehe.:P
the soup smells and taste like a lasagne. gile sedap oohh!! firdaus pn makan xnk kalah. licin beb!! :P

then after dinner. we had our first round lucky draw. the first ppl to get it is Alfred then Fazli. woaaa! gile ah bertuah. me and fadilah as a jurukamera. amat penat and punya masalah dgn camera gue. fadilah pn sama. so shot x brape lawa la at first. then ada tarian2 by shamila and sape tah kawan dia. lpe ah. then ada slide show about the prefect yg byk berjasa. aduhhh.pnt tgnku mengkap. hahahaha. then again a 2nd row lucky draw. time ni aku gile sasau cari mana tiket aku, adush. aku bising2 kat meja kot kata tiket hilang tiket hilang. skali rupenya ada atas meja daa. sblh tgn firdaus. fuhhh//relief gile. then aku gurau2 ah dgn azleen. aku pura2 buat jmpi kat nombor aku. aku ngan azleen saja2 pegang kotak hadiah fazli sbnyk dua kali dgn kata (amik berkat) wakakaka. tup.tup. the first lucky draw in round 2 is 089!! gile ah aku tgh ddk mencangkung tersengih2 je. bdk2 kat meja dh jerit2 dh. azleen la kecian. dia amik berkat hadiah fazli. tp dia xdpt. wakakaka. harini aku bertuah beb. hahaha.tp menang hamper sabun mandi je. so mama xpyh la beli lagi stok sabun utk 3 bulan. hhehehe.;PP

then the activities diteruskan. dgn nyanyian Leonard and gitar Eusuff. pttnya Fazli ngan firdaus tp malang nya ada problem lak ngan gtar firdaus xleh cucuk plak plug kat buntut gitar dia. ish3. wahh! Fazli gne gitar aku rupanya tp dia updatekn jd mcm electric pnye. pttla asyik nk pinjm je. hohoho. Leonard and Eusuff safe the day by performing 3 song which i forget their tittle is. ahahaha.;PP

the the last round for lucky draw. iskandar dpt. hahahaha sengal buat muka siot je. cikgu2 kat dpn plak tu. ish3. tp mmg enjoy usah kata la. mmg enjoyyy!! first time pergi dinner ni. sronok gak. tp aku xkan amalkan sgt. ni saja je suka2 .;PP

p/s: oh ya; the pictures on the right is the pictures of prizes which i won in lucky draw and a gift from my first best guy friend, Muhd Zainol(inoi). thanks inoi for the jersey. SELANGOR KALAH LA! ahhaha.;P

Monday, August 25, 2008

The GIFT:)))
This is my second year i receive a birthdy gift from friends. last year was the first year which i got it from my seniors-Khairul Anuar and Emir and oh ya, from Fadilah too.;)
Thanks to those who wish us birthday. appreciate it so much!! Oh ya, HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my 2 nieces who both born on the same day with us. PUTRI NURDIANA FASHA BT ILYA FEISAL & TENGKU FARISHA BT "ABANG AYIE(i dunno his dad's full name but i used to called him with that name hehehe)"

Saturday, August 23, 2008

She's running
And he's walking behind
He's trying
But he's last in her line
His love's dying but he keeps on tryin
He lives in fear with a love that's clear
(he's walking behind)
He's got love that he needs
to give but she's afraid to
let him in

[ CHORUS ] To her world with no together
She can't see him in her picture
She wants love but her heart
won't let her let him in
He's walking behind
He's walking behind
The phone's ringin
Is it her on the line?
Does he answer
Or is he wasting his time?
Her loves dying but she keeps on trying
She lives in fear of a love that's clear
(She's walking behind)
She's got love that she
needs to give but he's
afraid to let her in

To his world with no together
He can't see her in his picture
He wants love but his heart
won't let him let her in
She's walkin behind
They've got a love to give
But they're afraid to let it in
She's got a love to give
And he's got a love to give
So let em in
In a world with no together
She can't see him in her picture
She wants love so let him in
To his world with no together
He can't see her in his picture
He wants love but his heart
won't let him let her in
He's walking behind
She's walking behind

I'm so into this song lah plak. gile layan. its a nice story.sweetttt.;DD

Friday, August 22, 2008

*With the white FRAME* *This Is WITHOUT frame*
EDITING ALMOST OVER!!(but without the report of course.):(

ahaha. i'm just so damn bored. so main try2 je edit untuk school cover page(mana taw terpilih ke) terus dapat KA-CHING! muahahahha. joke2. but i dont know which one is better la. with or without the frame??? help me to choose someone! aimi said better with the Frame on but for me, me like more on the right but cant resist left too. haiyaaa..
but mainly my editing are almost completed. yg tggl cuma hari kurikulum. which i dont know what picture shuld i put in??

Thursday, August 14, 2008
SENIOR page. (solo)!!

first page.

page 2.

simple as it's seen, but hard as it to be done. finally, it's almost complete! oh yes! i've done it.and quite satisfied this time(yg sblum2 pnye dh masuk dustbin(buruks!))except i done have a picture of Puan Lee Sai Kim our Additional Math teacher. haiyaaa! slack btollah.;(( kalau tak confirm dh complete. bleh aku send kat cikgu esok. at least 2 page kan dh ready? another 2 page bleh postpne. dahlah kena print out dulu baru hantar in a DISC!!! arghhh! i dont have any of it.;(( what to do now???? :s

Sunday, August 10, 2008


apa yg aku telah buat ni??
apa yang buat dieorg begitu marah pada aku? salah faham??

mengapa diaorg boleh salah faham tentang ayat 'Brainwashed" yg aku gune??
Brainwashed yg aku maksud kan dlm ayat sebelum ni bermaksud bukan sbb korang memaksa aku. tapi brainwashed tu aku guna atas diri AKU! diri aku yg terlalu bodoh dan naif! lepas korang beri nasihat pada aku barulah aku sedar yang aku ni terlampau BANGANG! brainwashed bagi aku bermaksud korang telah sedarkan aku. dan untuk pengetahuan korang, aku appreciate gile dengan apa yang korang dh advise kat aku. tetapi aku hairan?? kenapa korang marah sangat kat aku.... adakah aku silap type sampai korang anggap aku tidak menghargai korang?

ye, mmg aku ada. pasal 2 tahun lebih tu. maaf aku pohon 10 jari kalau boleh aku sujud kalau kau nak.. tapi atas sebab itu je ke kau marah aku teramat sangat? sampai muka aku pun kau BENCI nak toleh atau pandang? aku sedar aku siapa. tapi aku tak bermaksud dalam ayat sebelum ni ayat "Lupakan" yang aku guna itu bkn maksud aku yang kau masih sayangkan dia. kau terlepas pandang ayat aku yang di depan? "semua benda dia menghantui aku??" itu maksud aku, adalah kenangan dia yang aku susah untuk lupakan. aku tujukan itu juga buat kau, bukan bermaksud aku kata yang kau sayangkan Tooi lagi. tapi kalau kau anggap ayat aku membuatkan kau fikir yang aku ingat kau masih sayangkan dia. aku minta maaf sekali lagi dari hujung rambut sampai hujung kaki.

dan kepada ....ermm.aku xnak gne nama korang dah. aku taw korang mesti x ske kalau aku tulis nama korang. tetapi apa-apapun. aku tak berniat untuk membuat korang marah. aku minta maaf sangat2.

tapi kalau korang masih marah pada aku. takpelah, aku terima sahaja lah, tapi pls. aku mohon sangat2. jangan pandang aku ngan pandangan jelik. raut wajah itulah buat aku tak brani nak bagitahu korang pasal hal aku selama ini. itu yang buat aku pendam perasaan. sebab aku takut benda ni yang akan berlaku, nampaknya memang benar mimpi aku berubah jadi realiti. aku sedikit kecewa. walaupun aku tahu korang lagi kecewa daripada aku. dan aku benar-benar minta maaf dari lubuk hati aku yang paling dalam.

kalau korang taknak berkawan dengan aku dah, berdepanlah dengan aku, ucap kan je la ayat ' Kita putus persahabatan". insyaALLAH aku terima permintaan korang. Pls, sebagai kawan(itupun kalau kau masih anggap aku kawan), takkan kau nak biarkan aku terpinga-pinga menanti jawapan samaada kita masih bersahabat? ataupun tidak. jangan buat aku terseksa dengan perasaan serba salah. lagipun SPM hampir menjelang tiba dalam masa 2 bulan lebih lagi. Tolong aku...jangan buat aku macam ni.. aku masih sayangkan korang walau apa-apa pun. maafkan aku kalau aku tersilap cakap tentang fakta diri kau, aku agak buntu waktu tu...i'm sorryy.:( aku harap ayat aku cuba susun sebaik mungkin ni tidak buat korang salah anggap pada aku lagi. aku taknak buat korang marah/kecewa lagi dah. sorryy againn..

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

hahahhaha candid shot of Lee wen and chee hui. but most of it are chee hui.

caputured by Kaza. ahah

p/s: i dont know how he capture like this?? huhuhuu.;P

Saturday, August 2, 2008
Woott~ It's has been a year oraittee.

time sure flies, yesterday. sat.2 of august at 6:30 pm. is our one year anniversary. i nvr thought i would be this long with him. i mean before i only can stand only for 8 month with Syamsul. and the reason for that is because i dont even love syamsul. really a suffer time. i have a boyfriend but i looks like im single. anyway, i went to see him for one hour kowt. oh yelah.i went home at 7pm. hahaha. suppose i will be home at 6:40 but we borak2 dekat lorong kejap. nothing much. adehhh. i missed him so much la. it was like just yesterday we went out for our first date. hahahahha. sengal pnye date kowt. many funny things happen on that day. cant forget it even once. hahaha.

adehh.. he will go back to Malacca today. adei. sedehnya. dh la malam smlm borak kat dlm phone dia asyik2 tertdo. hahaha. pd mula dia tdo lbh kurg 4 minit la aku pggil dia x jawab2. kali kedua 2 minit je kot. kali ketiga yg paling lama. dia btol2 tdo. iaitu rasanya 20 minit aku panggil dia tp dia x jawab apa2. smpai aku pn dh naik ngantuk. hahaha.;PP xpelah. biar la dia tdo. td bkn main degil org suruh tdo kata xmau.ish3. mcm2.

Friday, August 1, 2008
sPEC lAMA sPEC Baruuu!~
disebelah kiri itu spec lama ku yg baru berumur 7 bulan, yg sblh kanan tu yg terbaru, Aimiazie tolong gantikan(sbb dia serba slh,buat spec aku bengkok smpai macam tu kat kem ibadah). sbnrnya kau belikan spec baru utk aku pn aku dh rasa lagi33333 serba salah dengan kau. dah la kau guna duit sendiri untuk bayar bingkai tu. rm60.. boleh dikatakan mahal kott. aku nak byr half ko mintak rm30 je. ish3. terharu kot akuu. tp sorrryyyy sgt2 aimie. sbb aku ko sanggup bwk baiki. ponteng skolah satu hari. huhuhuhu.
neway thanks. ko la kawan aku smpai bila2.;))