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Syarifah Alyaa Izzati is the name.17 years younger. wakakaka.:P I'm oVER with schools. WORKING at MPH Parade now since my hols gonna be bored. Kerja Untuk DUIT & pengalaman. hehehe.:P


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Thursday, July 24, 2008

Sya & sha is a lesbian??
nehh. ahaks. but i like this pic.

hey, saya tgk kasut sahaja eyh? bukan mende lain.;))

Oihhh..scandalll.. ahaks.;P

Chee hui enormous hand. hahaha. he wanted the camera.;P

Stim face.

Soo Teng Candid shot. i likeee~ ;P

Spot the difference. hahahaha. one buck for those who see.;P

Vavi face. hahahaha. siot buruk.;P

Sleeping beauty.

guess? r they fighting or focusing on the subject?

we'll be right back after this comercial! hahahaha.;P

Aimiazie- not difficult actually to asked her for a picture. but it is hard for her to choose which picture is better. hahaha.;P

Ee Sze- Most 'Eeszee' classmate to took a picture. just asked her for one shot. she'll agree.;DD

Tay Kah Lee- Also like Ee Sze. i dont know she likes to pose too. :P

Nur Liyana- she's eating at that time. but she's a sport for gave me a pose. pizzaa!

Chun Tian- Ini lagi sorg payah mahu tgkp gambar. but hari tu dia jd budak baik. hahahaha.:P

Nik Aisyah- ini no comment. sukarela kowt. ahaks.:P

Nadhira- i like her pose. mcm bdk2 mintak gula2. gi mintak N****B. hahaha.;P

Keng Soo Teng- Also a CAmera(Anti) hahaha. ini pun tgkp sbb diugut oleh diriku yg mahu meletakkan pose candid dia dlm senior page. but her candid shot was cool!

Ng Kok Wei- i dont know who took his picc. but okey la. lantaklah. gmbr ni okey apa.;D

Ng Chun Yip- He know i was taking his picc. that's why he do that kind of face. grinning*

Ng Jien Hen- i asked him to smile. & he did. hahahaha.:P

Chong Kah How- the one who have difficulty to pose. finally he like this picc. his candid shot actually(its a video) ;P

Jennifer- She took the camera herself. camera freak.;P

Aisya- She's such a poser. agak2 mcm model lah tu yek? hahaha.;P

Look Chee Mei- She's Talented. brilliant la. rarely came to school but her result was not bad. espcially in ekonomi.;(

Lee Chee Hui- he always wanted to do that face a long time ago. hahahaha. like he said. 'gila face'

Ashmita- she choose her own place to snap. hahaha

Yap Zheng Yong- Gila punya Penolong Ketua Tingkatan. always do gila thing. he doesnt even know i took this pic. ngeheh.;P Mr hottie of the year!!!

Hanafi- my seatmate partner for this half term. hahahaha. dia takmau tgkp gmbr. dia cuba elak tp terlambat.;P

Sujatha- always been bullied by the chinese guy in our class. i dont why. but so pity of her. she knew it was a joke afterall.;))

Wong Chun Leong- Annoying giler babeng. now i have your pic. and i can do anything that i like. so u cant bullying me anymore. muahahaha.Xp

Nicholas- gambar ni smart apa. sengal btol. cerewet!

Chin Chia Wen- hahaha. no comment. cute huh?

Yen Li- She's 18?? she doesnt look 18 ryte? ahaks.

Yumi(Taryn)- Most Friendliest & warmhearted friend. evrybdy likes her.;))

Phey Ling- she doing something at that time. but i forgot what.huhuhu

Amir Nuramin- Yes. the MIA Agent. at last your here. he's been skipping class lot's of time. but nvr get caught. urghh!lol.:P

Tuesday, July 22, 2008
KAsut Rabak

Kasut koyakku! sudah 7 bulan pakai. dah rabak gile macam tuan dia. harharhar. actually this shoe dah x basuh 2 mggu dah. muajhahahahahhahaa.XP **$~

hahaha..we're siamese twins! (nehhh!!) we're just wearing that huge brown jumper. gile babeng besar. smpai montot besar sblh tu pn bleh masuk skali(siap dizipkan lg). now we know how famous the siamese twins are. lots of ppl staring at us when we took this picture. hahahahaha.

Monday, July 21, 2008

The Sidang Redaksi(half of it la) & photographer.

Seriously, i love this picca so damn much. but we're a mirror freak okey. it's only a window glass la. which we cant see anyone at the outside but ppl on the outside of the lab can see what are we've been doin. hahahhaha..we're soooo~ segan when we know that. look how we act evrytime we saw a mirror(any kind of it)
but who cares!! this picca smart ryte? ngeh3.;P suhaib, the editor always control macho. padahal takpun. hahahhaaaaaaa.soryyyyy suhaib. no offence.;PPP

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Trust is the quiet certainty in your heart
that you are greater than any obstacle that you might face.
whenever problems or blocks arise,
the voice of doubt will immediately appear,
telling you that this difficulty is too big for you.
but if you calm yourself and listen to your heart,
a quiet voice will remind you of your true nature of pure love is unlimited potential.
~by Christopher Moon.

after i read this quote, i started to realise that i am inmatured. im so DARN stupid. always do things without thinking. just rush out and slip the word out without realised i'll make someONE dissapointed, stop being sarcastic!

aku bru sdar aku ni belum bersedia nak kasi full comitment in my relationship. i do have comitment, but im not totally ready into it. aku x matang. berfikiran kolot. kebudak2kan. i just thought, aku banyak menyusahkan. im not a healthy girl. im a sick girl. always having a flu or blabla bla. and i hate but its a fate.so i cant do anything. seriously, i always felt that im useless compare to other girl to be as somebody's girlfriend..

Friday, July 18, 2008

Jangan kau
Elakkan ku lagi
Jangan kau sembunyi
Pasti ku cari walau apa terjadi

Mereka mengata
Katakan ku gila
Gila kamu wahai putri punjari

Kerana dibuat ku
Bilanya memeluk dirimu
Baikku tahu kau bukan milikku
Tidakkah engkau tahu
Kewujudan diriku ini

Jahanam lah dengan dirinya
Dapatkah kau beza
Cinta kah atau
Nafsu pun semata

Mereka mengata
Katakan ku gila
Gila kamu wahai putri punjari

Jika hati kau buta
Jadikannya lah dengan cinta
Yang akan membawanya ke syurga

Tidakkah engkau tahu
Kewujudan diri ku ini.Wooooo...

DAMN! im into this song la. HALUSINASI by meet uncle hussein. at first i heard this song. i dislike it. but after i watched this movie. tittle : Awekku bukan Awekmu. this movie are soooooooooooo~ sweet la. its about a tol girl named Zalina, who are deaf and dumb played by Lufya af6. she's a disabled girl with talented feature. she likes to draw and wanted to open her own art galery. but both her parents disagreed and said job as a tol girl is suitable for a girl like her.but one day, when she's working, she met Zizan nin(lpe nama watak dia dlm cite tu) who like her a lot and would do anything for her but her hope n love was disapprove by her mother but not his dad who was so sporting. and there's norkhairiah(also forgot watak dia) but she's so damn sexy, he loved Zizan so much but Zizan doesnt liked her because of her rude atitude. she always mock Zalina disability. until one day, a man with lame in one leg help her when her handbag been snatch by a thief. she realise her word to ppl who unable like Zalina and the lame men. at the end, Zizan nin gave Zalina a suprise by hold a art galery which display all her arts. but i cant forget how Zizan tried hard to pursued Zalina. & how he brought Meet uncle Hussein to perform the HALUSINASI song in front of Zalina's hse. because Zalina cant heard the liric of the song so Zizan wrote the liric on the cardboard paper and show it to her while the Meet uncle hussein sang it for her..hahhaha..gile sweetttt. lol.;PP


days came & pass by. i feel more tired and exhausted day by day. arghhh!! so DAMN tired. why shuldnt i be tired, first thing in the morning i have to get up and took my shower. then, pray. after praying i suppose before i should off to bed for a couple of minute(it just if im still sleepy la) but now onwards i cant sleep anymore. after packing my books into the bag. i go downstairs to have my breakfast, and always i come down on 6:30 something. express huh? i woke up at 6:15 then come down at 6:30. hahahahhaha. but i do take my shower yes! hehehe.:P

before i had breakfast, me and aimi have to complete our old duty since we left it 5 years ago. and that is, 'Sidai kain. ahahhahaha.:P hey, its not only one basket full of clothes. but sometime 2 basket full of our clothes. so damn berat. at that i thought i dont have to do any exercise anymore la. since everymorning this is our 'WAJIB' job. picking up heavy wet clothes. so berat maa. lenguh tgn mengibas2. huhuhu.after that we can have our breakfast. but sometimes i had to skip my breakfast because we finished our job at 6:50 something, time where our bus would wait in front of airina's old hse. as usual. we had to rush every morning to get on bus on time. i didnt have enough time to drink or gave the 2 jolly cat to eat. haiyaaa. serba slh gile oohh.cian kucing. sabtu ni ur dad will get u into the bath tub. hahahahaha. nasib la korg. muahaha.;PP

okey continue....from 7am-2 pm i was at school la. so masih pent. came back. sometimes there's no food in the house. & everyday so on, me and aimi will have to clean the cat's cage. haiyaaa.. korg ni x reti nak aim ke? berak berterabur. kencing melayang. haiyoooyooo!!.;(( tp x pe. okey gak ah basuh. sronok ble tgk cage korg bersih. but then we had to go to tusyen. la. lagi ah pnt. tmbh lagi ada 2 manusia lg kat rumah. lebih2 lagi yg ske membazir elektrik tu ada kat rumah. lagi ah rimassssssssss!!! ish. lps tu. mlm plak. kena blajar lagi. adoihhh..agak pent ah. kdg2 aku tdo awal atau aimi tdo awal sbb kepenatan. aduhhh.. yelah, dh lama x wat keje2 camni. i mean. alaa..i dont care about the hsework la. tapi sekarang x pnt cam dulu sbb opah xde,dulu opah ada. lagi kitaorg x brape stress sgt ngan keje2 skolah pastu tusyen lagi siang2. mlm kena study pulun2. dulu x de sgt macam tu. biasa2 je. huhuhuhu. now and past are 2 times different. time sure fly fast. SPM only have 117 days left. ughhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!:((( what am i gonna do??

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

asal ah? sejak kebelakangan ni kurang rasa lapar lorh?? slalunya ada makanan main belasah je( klu makanan best lah. hehe) tp ni burger dpn mata pn macam dh xde slera. kalau makanan xde, terasa plak nak kunyah something. ada aja kaki ni laju menyinggah ke dapur, tangan plak baik plak terpacak kat pemegang pintu ais. bukak tutup bukak tutup peti ais, tapi hape pn x amik. tapi aku sememangnya tak lapar pn, cuma sronok nk tgk makanan. ni pn makanan dh ada, tp selera tertutup. aku pergi timbang berat td. berat aku dh kurg 1 kg. hahahahahhahaa..lawak sungguh. xpe2. still turun gak kan? hehehhee.

tapi btollah. asal ah? nk kata ada problem? hmmmmm...xde pn. cuma risaukan maid yelah. dh lah buat kerja2 rumah skrg ni. wahhh..bersenamlah aku hari2. hahahah.:P takpe la. lagi okey kan kurg makan dri terlebih makan. tp aku xnak terkena malnutrition or ada masalah kesihatan. pls3. aku paling takut kalau sakit. rasa macam x seronok. x bebas je. tp apa boleh buat. aku kan jenis sakitt je memanjang. skrg pn agak ah bdn x brape sedap. tp heh, just keep it for myself la. watpe nk bgtaw. kang bg reaksi yg membosankan. serupa x pyh bgtaw pn x pe. rasa x pentingpn kesihatan aku diketahui org. sbb aku kan memanjangg sakit. setiap mggu mesti ada prob kesihatan. thats y sejak dulu aku kalau sakit suka sorokkan drpd diketahui. cuma prob aku x brape hebat. skrg dh hebatt. yeayyy! hahahaha.siot je prangai aku ni.;PP

Back to my routine

okey, its not so bad goin back to my 5 years ago rountine. heh. its has been so long i havent done any chores(opps...correction.im still doin the rountine over 5 years but not this hard lah. i just have to do simple chores).

its has been 2 days my maid gone to the hospital. since yesterday morning(Monday[14 july 08]) she had a stroke out of sudden at 4 am in morning i guess. but my mom saw her first when she came down for sahur. my maid were lying unconciously on the kitchen floor. so my dad make us wake up around 5:20 i guess or 5: 15 in the morning(im not checking my hp that time. emergency kot). my dad asked us to help my mom to change my maid's clothes which full with her vomit. u know i cant stand with VOMIT thing. kalau skit boleh la thn lagi. kalau byk. MASYALLAHH!! bau durian kowt + tempoyak i think. haiyaaa.. me, aimi & my mom having a hard time to change my maid's pants. nk angkat atas kerusi roda lagi(the good thing we have a wheel chair) but she's soo HEAVYYY!! how much is her weight huh? she looks small but she weight a ton!! hahahha. joking larh. but she's heavy. huhuhu. since that morning i havent get enough sleep so my energy also kurang la. yelah. i only slept for only 2 hour and a half only maa.. semata2 nk siapkan type +math projek. dgn pc buat hal plak masa tu. terus lenyap sebahagian aku pnye +math. siottt!! cish.

okey, so after my parents went to the hospital. me & aimi walked back upstairs to tidy my old folk's bed. while aimi when to shower at 5:40 i guess. hahaha. me still busuk. :P ermm. then we had to clean up the kitchen floor & kandang kucing. adeihhh.. and we finished it at 6:45am. DAMN! i still havent had my shower yet!! my bed are untidy! i havent pack my books in my beg yet! i havent had my breakfast or had a drink! and the bus are coming in 10 minutes! SIOT! so i had my quick shower. in the shower room, i kept thinking, if we're missed our bus. we just walk la. what a big deal. so settle. aimi also thought the same thing. hahaha. but in fact we manage to get on bus on time la. but we havent had any breakfast till lunch. huhuhu. rushing all around the hse to make sure everything fine and complete. & we're not let any of the lamp or fan or anything on. so this is the first time we had to bring the hse key, after almost 5 years we havent brought any to school for safety. hahahahha.:PP

hari tu aku langsung tak rehat. balik, my mom told us that our aunt(my mom's older sister) are coming to had lunch and to take my grandma to their hse. because we cant manage to handle the two jiggly cats & my grandma at the same time. harapkan abang? heh. 1000 tahun hampeh!!! bikin La Nina ada lah. huhuhu. so we helped her to tidy the table and get it ready for lunch. but my aunt came at 3 o'clock and that time i just fall asleep on the sofa. Tired larhhh.. but what to do. then my aunt left the hse at 4. but at 4 something i had to go to kancil for ekonomi. haiyaaaa. againnn wanna sleep, my hp vibrate telling me there;s a new message just arrived. its emir. it has been 3 hours i waited but not hoping he would reply because i know he had classes to attend. ok so then at 4 what what.. i went to kancil. kat kancil pulak gilalah pnye sejuk. rasa kalau jd ice kat situ, boleh dijadikan statue pelajar TER 'Rajin' hahahhahahahhahah!! in your dreams! ngeh3.

balik2 dri sekolah. tanpa buang masa aku baring atas katill. wahhhhhhhhhhhhhh! gile best!! penat2 semua terasa. smpai terlpe nk sms emir balik.(suppose to but im too exhausted.) so i fell asleep until 6 am this morning. hehehhee.;PP sorry dear.

Thursday, July 10, 2008
PEHAL salahkan aku lak??

tiba2 je salahkan aku. salah diri sendiri tak nak tgk plak. sikit2. salah orang lain. tahu la anak manja. x pernah kena marah. tapi pikiaq ah sendiri. namanya pelajar universiti. tp otak tarak. zero percent kalau nak fikir psl tolak ansur. semua nak ikut kehendak KEPAlA HOTAK kau sendiri!! semua nak ikut cara ko, peraturan kat dlm rmah ni taknak ikut! langsung tak hormat harta orang.

suka2 ko je hisap rokok dlm bilik aku! ingat kitaorg x taw??? bengong. aku asthma lah bangang. kau tak tahu ke satu family ni ada sakit. dia ingat ni rumah orang bujang??? cam sial btol. rasa mcm nak kunci je pintu bilik aku nie. biar ko xpyh masuk bilik aku selama 2 mggu ni ko cuti. ish! seksa btol ada bdk baboon ni kat rmah. dia balik je semua bil elektrik/ air mningkat. sbb dia ni x reti nak berjimatt. suka rembat duit orang.ko jangan harap ah aku,aimi ngan abg aizat nak tlg ko atau bg ko lagi. dh lah hutang byk x byr.

ko merayu ke apa ke jgn harap kitaorg kasi. dh lah perut boroi. makan berlambak. bersenam pn jgn harap akan kurus klu mlm2 masak benda2 berat. asyik2 hisap rokok. dh muntah2 kat jamban byk kali pn langsung takde kesedaran sivik langsung. no offence but bodoh btol awek yg ske kat mamat mcm ni. hipokrit gile nk mati. mama x pernah tgk true colour dia kat rmah. kalau dpn mama ngan lid. wahhh, semut pijak pn x mati. tapi kalau mama/lid takde, heh, mula ah buat rumah ni mcm dia yang punya, macam bangsat!!! lagi baik kau blah lagi bagus. heh./;(

Tuesday, July 8, 2008
Kem Ibadah/Guitar performance??

Waduhaiwei. y r these two things have to do on the same day hah?? okey, im having my dilema for the past few days.Ooohh Darn. i cant even concentrate everytime i think bout it(actually, im always out of focus lately. harhar.:p) but serious larh. why both have to do on 25th July?? haiyaaa..slalu ada tarikh bertindih. like this coming saturday. there are Cheer competition, also, Open Day, also, Sidang Redaksi tour to editing company kot. && my mom wanted to go to the bowling with my cousin, abang ilya. haiyaaa..such a wrecked day. huhuhuhu.;((
like there is no other day that can be held. y must choose on the same day i had something dat i really really reaaaaaaaaaalllllyyyyyy wanted to do/watch. oh ya, one thing too, The STORM are going to show their performance on these coming Thursday & guess what??? i have to go to the Seminar AntiDadah thingy, & guess what? i couldnt watch the performance larh!! alarrhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!. noooooooooooo!!

but the good thing im out from one of my dilema, and that is, between Kem Ibadah or Guitar ryte? welll, i talk to Mr. Ken this afternoon, he's on his good mood today, so he asked us about are we going to the performance or what? i told him that i'm the 'Ketua' for my club. & Ustzh really wanted me to go. so he with decend voice said, "Ooh, takpelah kalau macam itu, kamu pergilah kem ibadah itu. lagi-lagi kamu sebagai ketua,"

Oh WOW!! what a great negotiate!!!! hahahahha. in 5 minutes, i've gone through my dilema for good. Sayaaaaangggggg Cikgu Ken! hahahaha.anyway, sorry teacher. but we promise we will go to the concert on the end of the year but as a audience of course. haha! i've SPM coming up on November-Disember maa. hehehehehe.;PP

but now, i have to negotiate with my mom bout Kem Ibadah. i hope, she gave us permision to go. i suppose she would just have to pay us rm40 only la. another rm20 gue tampung sendiri la. ;))) deal!!

Saturday, July 5, 2008
Love? Passion? Intimate...

  • bak kata Phami Abdullah:

-Kasih, sayang dan cinta adalah tiga perkara dan perkataan yang berbeza. ketiga-tiganya akan menjadi lebih bermakna apabila disatukan.

bila ckap soal ni...ramai yg konpius, terpikir2, ApAkah aku ada antara ketiga-tiga itu???

tidak ramai orang tahu perbezaan antara 3 ayat tersebut: sebenarnya tiga perkara itu ada Frasa berperingkat sebelum menghampiri peringkat yang paling umum dan Frasa yang paling mengelirukan sekalian.


melihatkan seorang remaja yang bingung perihal Kasih, Sayang dan Cinta pun bertanyalah hal ini kepada 4 orang yang berbeza:

jika ditanya oleh seorang remaja kepada sahabat akrabnya:

Remaja: Sahabat, Apakah maksud Kasih, Sayang dan Cinta??

Sahabat: Kasih kepada Sahabat, Sayang buat awek cun, Cinta terhadap bakal Bini.(hehe):p

Remaja itupun berfikir, masih keliru dengan jawapan yang di beri oleh sahabatnya. lalu dia berlalu pulang ke rumah, setiba di pintu rumah, dia bertemu dengan Datuk dan Neneknya yang sedang menikmati kopi di beranda hadapan rumahnya, lalu dia pun bertanyalah:

Remaja: datuk, Nenek, Apakah maksud kasih, SayAng dan Cinta?

Datuk&Nenek(saling tersenyum): Kasih, Sayang dan Cinta itu umpama sebuah filem.Kasih sebagai babak permulaan, Sayang adalah babak perjuangan, Cinta pula sebuah babak kemenangan.

Remaja berlalu ke dalam dengan keadaan bingung yang berterusan.

di dalam, dia bertemu dengan kakaknya yang sedang membaca sebuah novel jiwang di Ruang tamu rumahnya. lalu dia bertanyalah:

Remaja: Kakak, Apakah maksud kasih, sayang dan Cinta?

Kakak(dengan senyuman penuh bahagia): Kasih itu memberi ketenangan, Sayang membawa kebahagiaan, Cinta membawa kedukaan.

Setelah itu, Remaja kembali ke bilik. menyusun kembali ayat-ayat diutarakan oleh Sahabat, Datuk&nenek serta kakak. tidak lama, Abang pula masuk dengan wajah kelat. lalu dia bertanya lagi:

Remaja: Abang, Apakah maksud Kasih, Sayang dan Cinta?

Abang(dengan pandangan sinis): Kasih itu tiada erti tanpa sayang, Sayang tiada erti tanpa Cinta, Kasih.Sayang dan Cinta adalah sama sahaja. kalau di lihat daripada luar cantik umpama sebuah padang bola yang ditrim,namunsetelah bermain, padang yang disangka cantik rupanya dipenuhi serpihan kaca yang memedihkan.

Remaja terdiam. dia kemudian berlalu ke dapur berjumpa ibu dan ayah.

Remaja: Ibu ayah, Apakah maksud Kasih. sayang dan cinta?

Ibu&ayah: Kasih ibubapa membawa ke syurga, Sayang buat kekasih tidak berpanjangan, Cinta kepada ALLAH membawa rahmat hingga hari kiamat.

setelah dicampur adukkan semua kata-kata Sahabat, datuk& nenek, Kakak, abang, Ibu& ayah. tidak kisahlah Kasih itu bagaimana, Sayang kepada siapa, Cinta untuk apa. bagiku, jika tiada ketiga-tiga ini, roda kehidupan seorang manusia hanya hambar sahaja, bak angin lalu.

begitu besar Frasa Kasih, Sayang dan Cinta, semuanya dilakukan secara berperingkat. jika bagi pasangan kekasih,

  • bermula dengan kasih sebagai seorang sahabat, Sayang sebagai seorang teman, akhirnya Cinta sebagai seorang kekasih. jika dicampur semuanya akan menjadi sebuah aturcara, bermula dengan babak Permulaan yang tenang, di pertengahan dengan babak Perjuangan yang mencabar dan diakhiri dengan kemenangan yang mendukakan. Fitrah manusia untuk menyayangi dan disayangi oleh setiap insan dan mencari seseorang yang dicintai itu lebih baik daripada dirinya.

Jikalau Kasih, sayang, cinta kepada Yang esa,

  • bermula dengan mulai mengasihi kedua ibubapa kerana kasih mereka yang tidak berbelah bahagi membawa ke syurga, kemudian sayangilah Para nabi dan rasul yang bersifat ajnabi bukan menyayangi dan menyanjungi harta dunia yang tidak mampu membantumu di akhirat, juga cintailah ALLAH yang maha Esa kerana tiada sesiapa yang layak dicintai melebihi daripada-NYA. Fitrah semulajadi yang telah terlahir di dalam diri setiap manusia ketika proses Mudghah lagi.

Friday, July 4, 2008
Naughty To Naughtiest!

i do realise that currently i've change alot la. became more naughty each day came by. is this one of the friends influence or what?? okey how bout i flash back when i was in form 1, first year of middle school. i was..errmm..what do i say? decend?? to polite?(heh) quite ah. and in proper word...i was soo~ DAMN Naive about the everything on that year. think back... kids nowadays like standard 2 student know what's the word COUPLE means. but me? i just know what's the meaning of couple when i was end of the year of form 1 when i saw, Ezreena, Aainaa, Fazli, ida always said about couple. so from there i know. so how Naive i am on that time?? tsk Tsk.XP

okey, form 2, i became more friendly but not too much. im stick to the low profile image.(since ida doesnt like my attitude in form 1, so i hve to watch my behaviour). first time i started to came late to school every friday afternoon. went to aisya's house(my mom's doesnt let me though, but rules are meant to be broken:P) with Syakila, Siti Aisyah, Maizatul,Aimi and Leia Natasha. there's one time we get caught by Puan Loh(Disiplin teacher) when we're trying to sneak from block D to Block A where our classes are. but Syakila and Aimi are safe of course. they ran up first. but i manage to lied to Puan Loh that we stuck at traffic jam. And she believe us. in fact, she could not do anything because we have our papers to do. she could not gave us a punishment. hahahahhahaha. Our Good Luck time. hahah.:PP

Form 3? emm...stay not being so notty. just a few times skip classes but that's because there's no teachers are in. and i so good in argueing with the boys with Syarizan,Wayn Sern, Ding Yong. im so damn talkative that time. but sometimes i can be so quiet if someone talk something that's not involve me in(also learn it from ida's kes. haha) and on that year, my mom gave me a lil freedom, she gave us to went out with our girlfriends as soon as the PMR are over. okey. i confess from that onwards i became a bit independent on walking alone. and on this year, i've start having a boyfriend but its not the love feeling makes me to accept him. just trying to help him. we've made a deal la.:P silly us!

Form 4, ahah. this year. the bestest form i've ever had!! before, i wasnt close with any of the seniors like the boys! the only boys that i always arguieng is from my age. never talk to the boys older than me(kalau ada yg senior pn cuma Shazill. itupn x igt macamana leh bercakap ngan dia.huhu). but i dont know how i can start talking to them. i think its when Aisya's like Azrul or more to be called Achoi now. then i start to know Syawal, Eqbal,Hazwan Hafiz, Syafiq Syazwan, Emir, Nizar, bebear, Idham,Hasrul, Hafiz and others.(Anuar ngan Izzul dah kenal lama dah.) we started to talk at the library on febuary. then we became closer after the Kawad Daerah and Penang Trip. Kawad Daerah is because i was incharge of Kadet Udara's Formation. and damn it was so FUN! i cant forget all the things we do. huhuhu. and i getting to know my bf on this year too. not the old bf la. hahaha. suppose we've met before since primary school. but too bad i doesnt even rmmber him. but i can rmmber he as a head assembly. because i think i saw him on the back of the line just standing around. he's the smallest of all the prefect what do u aspect? i thought his age are younger than me. LOL. sorry dear. hahaha.. but luckily i met you.;) okey. this year, i've started to skip classes frequently. hahahaha. so bosan kot. lebih2 lagi addmath class. but not always la. hehehheeh. kdg2 slalu skip klass atas dasar2 tertentu. but the wierd thing is, we've never get caught by the teachers. maybe because we have that innocent look i say? hahahahahhahahaha.:P

Form 5, okey this year. i am being terribly quite a naughty girl la. dah la spm. the worse now. we have been 2 times make our own recesss time. evrytime the bell rang, we will still be sitting in the canteen table, eating or drinking Ice Kacang. hahahahha. siot je perangai. i think we've have done it many times, but that time we had our kawad. so teachers dont bother much, they must thought we're from afternoon section. but after kawad we've done the same thing too. 2 times i think. the last time we did is on wednesday(2/7/08) hahahah. actually, me and nad have to stay back in kaunseling room for PRS meeting on recess time. so we take the reason to have our own recess time larh. but the funniest part is. the teachers who saw us eating ice kacang just pass by and smile at us. paling best, Encik Hamran. he can still make jokes of us eventhough he knew that we're trying to skip class. but me, nik aisyah and Nadhira are not alone, 10 minutes later, Khairul Akmal, Mior appear. and they join us eating nasi lemak and nasi goreng. they're skip their lesson with the discipline teacher, Pendidikan Seni Visual. for Khairul Akmal, he drop the subject thats why he doesnt mind much. lolx.;P when we went back to our class, Puan Satveer doesnt even asked us where we've been. she just busy reading something. somehow the class are quite at that time. what do u suspect? Puan Satveer asked us to do essay about komanwel? hahaha. eventhough i skip one period of sejarah, i still finish up the homework. hahahaha.;PP there's lot more of naughty things i've made. but hard to recall back. too much memory larh.;P