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Syarifah Alyaa Izzati is the name.17 years younger. wakakaka.:P I'm oVER with schools. WORKING at MPH Parade now since my hols gonna be bored. Kerja Untuk DUIT & pengalaman. hehehe.:P


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Tuesday, July 15, 2008
Back to my routine

okey, its not so bad goin back to my 5 years ago rountine. heh. its has been so long i havent done any chores(opps...correction.im still doin the rountine over 5 years but not this hard lah. i just have to do simple chores).

its has been 2 days my maid gone to the hospital. since yesterday morning(Monday[14 july 08]) she had a stroke out of sudden at 4 am in morning i guess. but my mom saw her first when she came down for sahur. my maid were lying unconciously on the kitchen floor. so my dad make us wake up around 5:20 i guess or 5: 15 in the morning(im not checking my hp that time. emergency kot). my dad asked us to help my mom to change my maid's clothes which full with her vomit. u know i cant stand with VOMIT thing. kalau skit boleh la thn lagi. kalau byk. MASYALLAHH!! bau durian kowt + tempoyak i think. haiyaaa.. me, aimi & my mom having a hard time to change my maid's pants. nk angkat atas kerusi roda lagi(the good thing we have a wheel chair) but she's soo HEAVYYY!! how much is her weight huh? she looks small but she weight a ton!! hahahha. joking larh. but she's heavy. huhuhu. since that morning i havent get enough sleep so my energy also kurang la. yelah. i only slept for only 2 hour and a half only maa.. semata2 nk siapkan type +math projek. dgn pc buat hal plak masa tu. terus lenyap sebahagian aku pnye +math. siottt!! cish.

okey, so after my parents went to the hospital. me & aimi walked back upstairs to tidy my old folk's bed. while aimi when to shower at 5:40 i guess. hahaha. me still busuk. :P ermm. then we had to clean up the kitchen floor & kandang kucing. adeihhh.. and we finished it at 6:45am. DAMN! i still havent had my shower yet!! my bed are untidy! i havent pack my books in my beg yet! i havent had my breakfast or had a drink! and the bus are coming in 10 minutes! SIOT! so i had my quick shower. in the shower room, i kept thinking, if we're missed our bus. we just walk la. what a big deal. so settle. aimi also thought the same thing. hahaha. but in fact we manage to get on bus on time la. but we havent had any breakfast till lunch. huhuhu. rushing all around the hse to make sure everything fine and complete. & we're not let any of the lamp or fan or anything on. so this is the first time we had to bring the hse key, after almost 5 years we havent brought any to school for safety. hahahahha.:PP

hari tu aku langsung tak rehat. balik, my mom told us that our aunt(my mom's older sister) are coming to had lunch and to take my grandma to their hse. because we cant manage to handle the two jiggly cats & my grandma at the same time. harapkan abang? heh. 1000 tahun hampeh!!! bikin La Nina ada lah. huhuhu. so we helped her to tidy the table and get it ready for lunch. but my aunt came at 3 o'clock and that time i just fall asleep on the sofa. Tired larhhh.. but what to do. then my aunt left the hse at 4. but at 4 something i had to go to kancil for ekonomi. haiyaaaa. againnn wanna sleep, my hp vibrate telling me there;s a new message just arrived. its emir. it has been 3 hours i waited but not hoping he would reply because i know he had classes to attend. ok so then at 4 what what.. i went to kancil. kat kancil pulak gilalah pnye sejuk. rasa kalau jd ice kat situ, boleh dijadikan statue pelajar TER 'Rajin' hahahhahahahhahah!! in your dreams! ngeh3.

balik2 dri sekolah. tanpa buang masa aku baring atas katill. wahhhhhhhhhhhhhh! gile best!! penat2 semua terasa. smpai terlpe nk sms emir balik.(suppose to but im too exhausted.) so i fell asleep until 6 am this morning. hehehhee.;PP sorry dear.