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Syarifah Alyaa Izzati is the name.17 years younger. wakakaka.:P I'm oVER with schools. WORKING at MPH Parade now since my hols gonna be bored. Kerja Untuk DUIT & pengalaman. hehehe.:P


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Thursday, November 6, 2008
Majlis Restu Ilmu && Jamuan Pizza!!

today was was VERY VERY VERY VERY emotional day for us form five && Upper six. at first i tried to kept calm. but it's so damn hard so i got burst into tears when Leonard our Ex-Head Prefect & the coolest of all, started to sang us a song by Celine Dion but cant recall it's named. So Damn touching, eventhough i tried to hide my tears behind my Sejarah books, but still cant resist it. my head kept remembering bout our precious old time together in this school for 5 years.

i saw Puan Rohaidah also had her pipe leaking when heard the song been sang by her most "SAYANGNESS" head prefect. Leonard had been Puan Rohaidah's pet for the past one year. huhuhuhu. A few of girls also had their pipe leaking(including me, tp tak deras pn, hahaha) but when we started to say sorry to all the teachers, i meant ALL! including teachers in afternoon session.

Oh! Darn! i cant see Pn Ong, i sucks in her class before back to form 1. always been scold by her. always get SEE ME! hahaha. but now, my mathematic quite okeylah. so.so. i can only failed once or twice bcause of my sikap malas. hahaha.:P okey then, i still can stand my tears. i still can laugh with them, but when it come out into the Morning teachers i cant bear my tears to not to come out. so degil. me burst into tears when Puan Siti Fadillah, the Pendidikan Khas teacher pull me over to hug her. i was quite close to her, because we like to teased each other & she's really friendly to us no matter who we are. then came Puan Zaviah, Ustazah Hasnor, Puan Raha, Puan Sureini, Puan Chuah,Puan Ain, Puan Rohaidah, Puan wee, Puan Satveer, Puan Yip,Puan Halimah and so on hugging me, but most of all im gonna missed is Ustazah Hasnor,Puan Ain & Puan Zaviah.Puan Ain cries the worst. sedih btol nk tggalkan Pn. Ain. aduhh..gonna missed these 3 teacher. Ustazah Hasnor & Puan Zaviah paling baik sebab kami asyik berkerjasama je...yelah, aku pengerusi kot, Hari2 lepas tak sah kalau tak jumpa muka cikgu 2 orang ni(selain Ustazah la yg ajar agama. hahaha.terima kasih ustazah):))

back to the student, almost all of the girls cried(i dunno upper six girls cried too la. they seems ok) but half of the guy also cried, like, Fazli(kau ingat aku tak nampak ko nanges? hahaha.kantoi), Rooney(ko pun sama rooney.) & Naqib. Naqib is the worst, 5TK were the first class to have their restu, Naqib nangis sejak awal sampai bdk2 upper six habis baru dia berhenti nangis. i dun care if Naqib cried. because he's the eldest ppl in his family, His Dad's always gave his attention to Nabil(Naqib's second brother) while her mom always goes against Adam Naufal(the lil one). i heard everytime they went for holidays, Naqib will always be "Tukang angkat beg" while Nabil goyang kaki and lead the way. so now i understand why Naqib keeps "Manja-manja" dengan kami semua tak kira perempuan atau laki. lebih2 lagi dia sekarang dh pindah dekat ngan aku,aimi & rooney. so lagilah dia senang nk dptkan attention.rakan2 tak jauh. i pity him.;s

after the Restu thing, we have to buckle up our ears or whatsoever to hear Pn. Liang's Taklimat for SPM. why? so damn bored. but useful for us, after that we went to eat & tangkap gmbr time!! muahahaha. my fav. part. LOL. then we've been introduce to our class where we will be sitting during SPM. DARN! 4sk3 class was really damn kotor. tingkap macam 10 tahun tak dilap. cish. i sat behind Lee Wen(the Narnia's lover) and im infront of Sujatha. my left hand side was Kok Wei(OH nO!!) while my right hand side was Kah Lee(lagilah OH NO!) hahahaha.:P then we have to kemas-kemas, bersih2 , angkat meja and whatsoever i dont care i just do it.

then 15more minutes before 12, we took our picture, i mean US picture. we had fun that time. like we're so close. i've still remember how we are when we first step into 4SK1. nobody cares who or what they are doing. everybody doing their own thing. never bother to introduce or know their classmates well. but Thanks ALLAH! we became close enough and like to bullied and teased each other. then we got our SPM slip, & i think the times has come for us as soon as we received the slip. iit was some kind of fantasy that we're going to finished our studies in high school. after school we had our Jamuan. not really a Jamuan. just makan2 kecil sahaja. Puan Chuah & Puan Yip belanja makan pizza & pulut with rendang. both really sedap oohh! Pulut dia tersangat comel. geram je tgk.hahahahha(pulut pn bleh geram.)ish3.:PPPPP

Oh ya, this is my report book, Ko-ko Book & Biodata gue. amat frust dengan markah Ko-ko. adake patut aku dapat C? jawatan aku pula yg sandang 2xpengerusi untuk PKBM(U) & Pendidikan Islam diletakkan sebagai AJK & Setiausaha, haih ini sudah lebih nie. nasib cikgu dah betulkan tapi malangnya benda ni dah hantar ke PPD. so i cant do anything.:((((

Biodata ku-the fat && chubby face i had.sheesshh!

My 2008 results- Bad isnt it?? :'(((

My Ko-kurikulum Result-bad too suppose to get B/ A!

Woaaa! DOMINO PIZZA!!yumm!


FIGHTING-"one at the time ppl!!" say the chinese guy..

First Expression from Zhen Yong.

2nd expression from Aimiazie

3rd delightful expression from Chun Yip. LOl.

"Cian Kaza tggu giliran panjang sangat. termenung jadinya. ish3.;P

Are there any left for me? hahahaha. Hanafi lambat! pizza habis sudeh.lol.:P

Suasana ketika berebut Rendang.
Comelkan pulut tu??;DDDDD sedap plak tuh,;d

Rilekslah Nicholas. tak habis lagi tu. tambah2.kasi gemuk.

"Tengok tanduk aku. cantek tak?" hahaha..Piah2 aku akan rindu buli ko dowh!thx sbb prnh jd Partner-seat aku walaupn cuma utk sebulan.LOL>:P

Innocent gle muka kah how. sorry i took ur picture when u're eating. hahaha.

Selera benor si Chun tian ni makan. sambil menjilat bibir.

Nicholas makan tak pndg kiri kanan. semak je duduk tmpt orang. cish
Tempat duduk Wee Keong kene curik! cian. eat-standing.

Aimiazie sedang menulis autografnya di atas kain kurung Lee Wen.

One of the autograf on the cloth which i like the most by Chee Hui & Zheng Yong-Competitor's Hand
Very funny artwork, click on the picture to see what they have wrote.

The Artwork autograf of US(front) special for Lee Wen.;)))
2nd artwork(back) specially draw for Lee Wen.
P/s: The Lion one is mine. hehehehehhe.;PPP (click to both picture if u want clearer view.)
we are so called the "Sakit" student. we does what we want.

Leong-Leong && Zaza. hahahha.they always been called gay but there are 100% not GAY okey!
kaza looks so jambu in this picca.lol.

Look at the view . it's remind me at the beach. but this was taken beside the highway road. lol.im glad i lived here.:DDD