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Syarifah Alyaa Izzati is the name.17 years younger. wakakaka.:P I'm oVER with schools. WORKING at MPH Parade now since my hols gonna be bored. Kerja Untuk DUIT & pengalaman. hehehe.:P


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Friday, July 18, 2008

Jangan kau
Elakkan ku lagi
Jangan kau sembunyi
Pasti ku cari walau apa terjadi

Mereka mengata
Katakan ku gila
Gila kamu wahai putri punjari

Kerana dibuat ku
Bilanya memeluk dirimu
Baikku tahu kau bukan milikku
Tidakkah engkau tahu
Kewujudan diriku ini

Jahanam lah dengan dirinya
Dapatkah kau beza
Cinta kah atau
Nafsu pun semata

Mereka mengata
Katakan ku gila
Gila kamu wahai putri punjari

Jika hati kau buta
Jadikannya lah dengan cinta
Yang akan membawanya ke syurga

Tidakkah engkau tahu
Kewujudan diri ku ini.Wooooo...

DAMN! im into this song la. HALUSINASI by meet uncle hussein. at first i heard this song. i dislike it. but after i watched this movie. tittle : Awekku bukan Awekmu. this movie are soooooooooooo~ sweet la. its about a tol girl named Zalina, who are deaf and dumb played by Lufya af6. she's a disabled girl with talented feature. she likes to draw and wanted to open her own art galery. but both her parents disagreed and said job as a tol girl is suitable for a girl like her.but one day, when she's working, she met Zizan nin(lpe nama watak dia dlm cite tu) who like her a lot and would do anything for her but her hope n love was disapprove by her mother but not his dad who was so sporting. and there's norkhairiah(also forgot watak dia) but she's so damn sexy, he loved Zizan so much but Zizan doesnt liked her because of her rude atitude. she always mock Zalina disability. until one day, a man with lame in one leg help her when her handbag been snatch by a thief. she realise her word to ppl who unable like Zalina and the lame men. at the end, Zizan nin gave Zalina a suprise by hold a art galery which display all her arts. but i cant forget how Zizan tried hard to pursued Zalina. & how he brought Meet uncle Hussein to perform the HALUSINASI song in front of Zalina's hse. because Zalina cant heard the liric of the song so Zizan wrote the liric on the cardboard paper and show it to her while the Meet uncle hussein sang it for her..hahhaha..gile sweetttt. lol.;PP