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Syarifah Alyaa Izzati is the name.17 years younger. wakakaka.:P I'm oVER with schools. WORKING at MPH Parade now since my hols gonna be bored. Kerja Untuk DUIT & pengalaman. hehehe.:P


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Thursday, July 24, 2008

Aimiazie- not difficult actually to asked her for a picture. but it is hard for her to choose which picture is better. hahaha.;P

Ee Sze- Most 'Eeszee' classmate to took a picture. just asked her for one shot. she'll agree.;DD

Tay Kah Lee- Also like Ee Sze. i dont know she likes to pose too. :P

Nur Liyana- she's eating at that time. but she's a sport for gave me a pose. pizzaa!

Chun Tian- Ini lagi sorg payah mahu tgkp gambar. but hari tu dia jd budak baik. hahahaha.:P

Nik Aisyah- ini no comment. sukarela kowt. ahaks.:P

Nadhira- i like her pose. mcm bdk2 mintak gula2. gi mintak N****B. hahaha.;P

Keng Soo Teng- Also a CAmera(Anti) hahaha. ini pun tgkp sbb diugut oleh diriku yg mahu meletakkan pose candid dia dlm senior page. but her candid shot was cool!

Ng Kok Wei- i dont know who took his picc. but okey la. lantaklah. gmbr ni okey apa.;D

Ng Chun Yip- He know i was taking his picc. that's why he do that kind of face. grinning*

Ng Jien Hen- i asked him to smile. & he did. hahahaha.:P

Chong Kah How- the one who have difficulty to pose. finally he like this picc. his candid shot actually(its a video) ;P

Jennifer- She took the camera herself. camera freak.;P

Aisya- She's such a poser. agak2 mcm model lah tu yek? hahaha.;P

Look Chee Mei- She's Talented. brilliant la. rarely came to school but her result was not bad. espcially in ekonomi.;(

Lee Chee Hui- he always wanted to do that face a long time ago. hahahaha. like he said. 'gila face'

Ashmita- she choose her own place to snap. hahaha

Yap Zheng Yong- Gila punya Penolong Ketua Tingkatan. always do gila thing. he doesnt even know i took this pic. ngeheh.;P Mr hottie of the year!!!

Hanafi- my seatmate partner for this half term. hahahaha. dia takmau tgkp gmbr. dia cuba elak tp terlambat.;P

Sujatha- always been bullied by the chinese guy in our class. i dont why. but so pity of her. she knew it was a joke afterall.;))

Wong Chun Leong- Annoying giler babeng. now i have your pic. and i can do anything that i like. so u cant bullying me anymore. muahahaha.Xp

Nicholas- gambar ni smart apa. sengal btol. cerewet!

Chin Chia Wen- hahaha. no comment. cute huh?

Yen Li- She's 18?? she doesnt look 18 ryte? ahaks.

Yumi(Taryn)- Most Friendliest & warmhearted friend. evrybdy likes her.;))

Phey Ling- she doing something at that time. but i forgot what.huhuhu

Amir Nuramin- Yes. the MIA Agent. at last your here. he's been skipping class lot's of time. but nvr get caught. urghh!lol.:P