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Syarifah Alyaa Izzati is the name.17 years younger. wakakaka.:P I'm oVER with schools. WORKING at MPH Parade now since my hols gonna be bored. Kerja Untuk DUIT & pengalaman. hehehe.:P


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Tuesday, January 29, 2008
Arghh!! two days in a row i s giler tired day daa!!~ inikah pengorbanan bdak calon SPM selama ni? dalam dua hari ni ramai dh kata muka aku nampak stress gile. ye lah. mana taknya, aku sandang banyak giler jawatan. dah tu, semua tinggi-tinggi lak tu,

Pendidikan Islam-Pengerusi.
Bola Jaring- Naib Bendahari.
Kelab B.Melayu + Landscape- Ahli biasa.(nasib baik, tp ada essay prtndingan wajib for all BM members)
PKBM(Udara)- Pengerusi.
Pembimbing Rakan Sebaya(PRS)- Naib Setiausaha.
Perpustakawan- suppose appoint me as Assistant Leader,(but i refuse so ordinary student.;))
*NEW arriving job today being selected as SIDANG REDAKSI members(not officially yet i guess but i'm proud of it ahah.)- as a graphic designer(partner with Azleen(leader), Kaza and me.(Charles took part in ilustrasion with Aimi, *Thank God*Evil us* muahahaha)

So there it was, busy? tottally & absolutely! hahahaha. i dont know why dis year im being so greedy to take part on those things. Arghhh! no free days dow! only Friday im free, if only there is no PRS MEETING! Sucks larh! haish. nyesal plak masuk PRS. tp takpe ah. i cant have second thoughts if i have made my decision!! oh ya, about SIdang Redaksi part, actually i want to join in as JURUTAIP but azleen insist me to take part in graphic with Kaza. she'll lead me and kaza about it. quite interesting, my thoughts says Typing can be quite boring sometimes. Staring at the computer 24/7 just to types those awfull reports, glaring at the white blank papers just spill the ink over it and WALLA!! pfft! Boring. so then i agreed with azleen's proposal. i like to do graphic sometimes. quite interesting. but now, we have to do some assignment about graphic design. haiyaaa.. i dont have the software yet to install the photoshop. i have to see En. Zainuddin Itnin(Thank God it's him) for the cd. huhuhu.

i've started my Kancil tuition yesterday! woweee!! the teachers are so not so, but he like to talk horny stuff. hahaha. gila pnye org ah. but quite interesting class la. my mom said she has register my name but the "Kakak" there say i havent. haih. tommorow i've to pay for the fee. but my mom not even get home yet from England. suppose to be today or tommorow huh? my dad was away to Melaka today. hmm. so home alone with Aimi, big bro,maid and grandma. ++ the 2 sewel fat cats! hahahaha.;p

today sewel day larh. after Rehat & after Agama class, Syarizan who were seating beside me( for half period, nik aisyah sick) asked me for my spec(new beloved spec) so i gave him without a word to try out. i want to ask him my spec back but he just walk away just like dat. when i reach him at the corridor in front 4sn2 class, Syarizan was busy teasing Shashiha pony hair and it made Shashiha want to slap syarizan by his face but the guy avoid by took one step backward and then what's happen when shashiha accidently smack my spec(which was on syarizan's eye) down from 4th floor to ground floor. i can see how syarizan want to reach the spec when it fall down. i like want to burst into tears when i see dat happen, i can see how my dad's reaction if he knew bout dis. but i cover my face and keep on smiling(kelat). shashiha tried to comfort me, but i just kept smiling & quite. i went down with shashiha to see how's my spec doin. syarie has gone down first. masa kitaorg dh smpai. syarie tgh busy masukkan balik kanta dia kat spec. xdpt. shasha and me help. i pray it will be okey. but one more gone. but then it has been found by shasha. THANK GOD! ALLHAMDULILAAH! kelam kabut dow nak masukkan balik kanta tu kat spec. takut terpatahkan spec pn ada. tgn shasha menggeletar masa psgkan, Naz Syafeeq pn ngeletar, even me too. fortunately the spec is fine. AMAZING hUH? the spec has fall down from the 4th floor to the ground floor on the cement but it doesnt broke a thing. YEAY! ahaks. tp dia bengkok sikit ah. gila gelabah tadi masa spec tu jatuh. huhuhu

When it time for Persatuan. i went to surau like Ustazah Hasnor told us too. kehadiran budak2 form5 gila memuaskan iaitu hampir semua hadir kecuali 3 org je.Rudhzaini, Aisyah Hani & Nik aisyah(Sick), yg bdk form4 tu smua tarak guna. begitu jgak bdk lelaki form3. Tarak guna btol. ish3.;( Eusuf gila seyh tadi. ada ke dia nak wat nasyid rancak siap dgn rock kapak lagi. hish. gilo ke apa. ahahahhahahahhaa. for sure kalah wey! hahaha. tp best gila ah meeting tadi. next meeting kitaorg akan mengecat kelas agama. best2 wey! ahah.x sabar nak tempek nik aisyah, malang sekali Birthday dia jatuh pd hari tu. muahahahaha. tak sesal aku masuk persatuan agama thn ni.;))