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Syarifah Alyaa Izzati is the name.17 years younger. wakakaka.:P I'm oVER with schools. WORKING at MPH Parade now since my hols gonna be bored. Kerja Untuk DUIT & pengalaman. hehehe.:P


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Sunday, January 27, 2008
hahahahha.tak sangka dow. bdak yg aimi kata hensem masa kat prom dlm kumplan Violet ialah Afiq. cish3. mana aku kenal. huhuhu. nak jadikan cerita macamana aku tiba2 boleh jadi rapat dengan si Afiq ni pun aku x taw. padahal bru start chit-chat 4 hari lepas je. dia ah. friendly gila. smua gara-gara Hani punya pasal. korek Habis dow! aahahaha.

he's look kinda diffrent with & Without his spec. klau pkai spec muka nak jambu gilerr klau WITHOUT spec muka nak brutal aje. hahahahhahaha. sungguh x boleh bla. no wonder aku tak kenal dia. ngeh3. but Hani is lucky to have him to like her(not cpple la, just starting to know & be friend only.at the same time he's Her secret admire but unfortunately it is not a SECRET anymore) one whole school, opps. correction. one whole form 5 know about afiq's crush. sengal btol. Rooney ah nie. kecoh gile kan dah heboh. he's suddenly became famous amous(yawwww!!!) hahahahaha.
i dunnno, in reality, he's look innocent. like VERYY much innocent face who doesnt know a single thing about guitar. but look again. dont jugde a book by it's cover. he's really cool and Tottaly AWESOME at playing the guitar. I'm so DAmN Impressed! i love his Passionate of Nina song! it's just like urghh, like somekind i understand a word that the guitar trying to say eventhough it's only a melody without a lyrics but its cool. but much cooler when he made it himself. waahhh!! no wonder emir always give compliment about him everytime he told me about him. ahah. he's a better sort than i thought he was. i'm now a big fan of his music rythm. haiyaaahhh!! yeah!!
Goodluck Fiq.